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Hardware Support


Laptop or computer keyboard keys are easily broken or fell off if you don't operate properly. If the keyboard keys pop out or letter prints on the keys washed out, then the typing is so hard. Also, the missing keys is a common problem for the laptop keyboard repair. It is not easy to put a key back because when the keys are fell off from the keyboard, the plastic mounting arms are removed. The spilt liquid will make keys start to strick or fail to work. In this situation, we will replace the entire keyboard with a brand new one. We can replace the keyboard keys or an entire keyboard very easily.

Our expert of technicians have years of experience and working in major brands from Acer and Apple to Sony VAIO and Toshiba computers. We serve all of our customers with excellent customer service and guarantee to fix your keyboard.


There is a never a good time for your printer to go on the blink, so to ensure that you’re never left in the lurch, it makes sense to have a professional repair company to hand. Our expert can easily and quickly identify the problem and provide the necessary equipment or services to resolve the problem. Whether you simply need to restock on toners and cartridges or need help with other issues, we offer the best services and have everything you require. This Printer Maintenance Service is handled by our qualified team of skilled professionals.

We offer the best printer repair solution for you at the affordable prices. Our team can visit your onsite to install or service your printer, copier and fax so you don’t even have the hassle of leaving work.


Our cartridge refilling service is rendered by our professional’s technician team who has prosperous industry acquaintance and proficiency. These are extensively appreciated for you because we can complete your cartage in the shortest time. Our services can be changed as per the changing necessities and requirements as per your requirements. We can serve in to repair your cartage for all the pieces of equipment. We can offer our services at very affordable prices.

Owing to its perfect execution and high reliability, this service is widely appreciated by our precious for you. Our range of cartage repair helps you to give the best solution with the quality works. We can undertake cartridge and toner refilling for the Dot Matrix printers, Inkjet Printers, and Laser Printers.


A hard drive is an essential way to store your lots of and precious data for you. We offer the hard drive data recovery services in an affordable solution. We always attempt simple and cost-effective approaches before getting into the more involved procedures which are best for you. we offer professional hard drive data recovery services at a reasonable price for all hard disk drive manufacturers. You can contact us at Data Recovery for any type of Data Recovery disaster to recovering data from any data storage media and feel secure that your data is in the hands of professional data recovery engineers.

Our skill technician can work in the best way to give the best solution. We can deliver your HDD in the shortest time so you can not be lost any of the data. We can work in all the situation so you get the one-stop solution.


Have you found yourself in the situation of having to fork out for more expensive headphones after your last pair having broken on you? We have the expertise to help and fix any Headphone which has a problem. We offer a simple and easy to fix your headphone. If your headphone has some problem and not working at all, we're here to help you. We can provide an affordable headphone repair services for all headphone brands. Our high skill technician can be specialized to repair in non-warranty or warranty headphone. All our technicians are certified and have the expertise and vast experience to help with any headphone repair in the shortest time.

We ensure you to offers the best solution with the affordable prices. Also, our support team is quite good and you have gate the best customer support experiences for you. We can repair your headphone so, you don't have to buy a new headphone.


Did your smartphone get dropped, kicked, liquid damaged, battery problem or thrown against the wall? We are here to make your smartphone get look brand new. Every replacement part we use is backed by the warranty. Our company is recognized in the industry for offering smartphone repair services. We always provide efficient and timely execution of these services and lay special emphasis on your satisfaction. Our certified technicians are trusted and battle-tested to handle your device with care and efficiency.

With our highly skilled experience and the right equipment we repair your smartphone, we assure you that our service will be quick, reliable and hassle-free. Our prices for smartphone repairs are quite affordable. We can fix your smartphone on the same day so, you can use your smartphone as soon as possible. Also, we only trust and suggest the best suppliers in the industry serve them better services.


Tablets nowadays are very powerful devices and they can help you make your life easier, with features to help you multitask and complete them in the fastest possible times. But they are also quite easy to break

When your tablet is suffering from a faulty battery, shattered screen, camera, Cracked Screen Fix and any other problems. You have don't worry about it anymore. We are here to help with all of these issues and more. We are a smart Service specializes in Certified Service and Repair of all Apple iPad devices up to the iPad Pro. Our main goal is to offer reliable services for you. We are also certified in the Service for Android Tablets of Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Data wind, iBall, Nexus, Asus, Xiaomi and Micromax devices. We can help you to repair your tablet in minimal time.

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